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Here to be a resource to you in one of life's most stressful events... a relocation.

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Living in a place you know you will soon be leaving is a challenging mindset. Every decision you make is filtered through the knowledge of whether or not it will have long term effects. Should we do that landscaping project? Buy the bigger house that we need? Build that friendship we might lose?

Half In, Half Out: if you move a lot you’ve felt this way

My Own Relocation Reflections

if you have a relocation coming up and you know a season of loneliness is ahead, count it as a valuable asset to your self-development. One that not everybody gets to experience.

Moving is Lonely. That Can be Good for You.

My Own Relocation Reflections

If you’ve found yourself considering a relocation to a new place, whether by choice or because of a job, you’re probably thinking about things like packing, shipping, utilities, selling a house, buying a house, registering for schools, and the list goes on. Most don’t consider the emotional complexities that come with a relocation. In 2017 […]

Relocation Pains: here’s what’s hard about moving to a new town

My Own Relocation Reflections