Moving to a new city can be an exciting, yet overwhelming experience. It’s a fresh start, a new chapter, and a chance to explore a new environment. It might feel like there’s no way you can have any kind of self improvement or growth with everything else you have going on during a move- but […]

Moving to a New City? Take Advantage of the Fresh Start

Moving Tips and Tricks

Living in a place you know you will soon be leaving is a challenging mindset. Every decision you make is filtered through the knowledge of whether or not it will have long term effects. Should we do that landscaping project? Buy the bigger house that we need? Build that friendship we might lose?

Half In, Half Out: if you move a lot you’ve felt this way

My Own Relocation Reflections

If you’ve ever moved to a new place with your family as a child, you know how hard that can be. Being the new kid in school is awkward and unsettling, but you’re given dozens of opportunities every day to build meaningful connections with your peers. Between school and extra curricular activities, you’re pretty much […]

How to Make Friends in a New City

Finding Community