"Are there neighborhoods with playgrounds?"

"I'm a chef, will there be work for me there?"

"Can I live in a neighborhood where I can walk to get groceries?"

You have questions. REALTORS® have answers. That's why one of the best things you can do to get started is speak to one. Not only will they be able to get to work for you, you will sleep a little better at night without all those questions swirling around your head.

I can help you find the first person you need to know in your new town- a real estate agent who specializes in relocation.

You're relocating. There's a million steps between you and the move. This is the first one.

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FINAL STEP: Keep in touch

I'll begin interviewing agents in your future town. When I find one who I think could be a great match, I'll get you both connected. Our turnaround time is 1-3 business days.

next  STEP: Interviews

Get on my calendar for a consultation call (hate phone consultations? I got'chu- just fill out my easy to use form instead).
I'll ask you a few simple questions about your relocation plans and chat about what's most important to you. Feel free to ask any questions while we're at it!

FIRST STEP: book a call or complete a form

How My Process Will Take You From Stressed + Overwhelmed to Connected + informed


I asked myself this question. How would I look for a REALTOR® somewhere far away for my own family? 

I will NOT be submitting my contact info to an agent search site to then have it sold to dozens of local agents who may or may not be qualified.

I developed a method I use to sort out the top notch REALTOR®s in any town, and I'm ready to put it to work for you!

And you know what? You just might land on a stellar real estate agent equipped to help you with a complicated relocation. 

But what if you don't? What if in one of the most vulnerable seasons of your life you accidentally trust your entire family's well-being to someone who only sees you as a commission check?

But how can you really know who is up for the task?

Open search engine. Type "best realtor in x town". Become overwhelmed by the hundreds of agents featured. Select one you think looks "nice" and hope for the best.

Here's the old way to find a real estate agent in a new town:

Erika, Relocation client

"She was very attentive and patient to all our needs. She really went above and beyond. She helped us in every step. We did not have any contacts at all in Aiken. She provided us with all the resources."

Natasha, Relocation client

"We made a huge move and she made it feel so effortless. Highly recommend using her as your realtor. She’s professional and gets the job done and is also a genuinely sweet person to be around."

Darryl, relocation client

"She was on point... This took a lot of stress off my wife and I. She was quick to respond to questions...We could not have been in better hands than with Laura."

I want you to have an experience like this:

Unlike search engines and home search sites, I select the agents I recommend on merit and ability. Agents will never pay me to be featured or recommended to you.

I require all my recommended agents have a thorough relocation guide packed with hyper local information. If nothing else- you get the guide!




It costs you nothing. We collect a referral fee from your selected agent for making the introduction. 

You are never obligated to use our recommended agent. If it doesn't work out, just come on back for another referral, or move on by yourself.




You can. But here's a few reasons why you shouldn't have to:

Some of you DIYers might be thinking "well that's nice, but I can hire my own real estate agent, thanks"

back to the top

Yes! The best real estate agents prefer to work with their clients leading up to their move. They will answer all your questions along the way.

I'm moving next year, can I still book a call?

It takes being in the industry and seeing behind the curtain to know what really makes an amazing real estate agent. I'll put that knowledge to work for you.

How will you know the best agents in any town?

At this time that is not a service we offer. Until we know enough about what makes an amazing rental agent, we won't make blind recommendations.

Can you help me find a rental agent?

Yes! I am currently still helping people relocate to Aiken, SC and the surrounding areas. 

Are you still a realtor too?

You get to decide whether or not you hire the agent we recommend. If it doesn't work out we can make a new recommendation or you can move on.

What if I don't like the agent you recommend?

We do get paid for our services, but not by you! A portion of your selected agent's commission will be paid to cover the cost of our services.

Is it really free?

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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