There’s no way around it. No matter how much organizing and preparing you do, moving week is going to be hard. Besides the fact that there’s a thousand things to do, there’s also a lot of emotions (and handling other people’s emotions) involved too. The fatigue and emotional distress can compound into a storm of negativity. No wonder moving is ranked the third most stressful life event.

So if you’ve arrived at Moving Week and you’re wondering how to survive, here’s 7 tips to help sprinkle a little joy over the third most stressful week of your life:

  1. Create a Moving Soundtrack: Music has the magical power to uplift your spirits and set the tone for a positive atmosphere. Before you start packing, curate a moving playlist that consists of your favorite feel-good songs. Embrace the joy of the moment! P.S. if you’d like to borrow my moving playlist (it’s pretty great), check it out here.
  2. Have a Packing Party: Who says packing has to be a solitary task? Invite your friends over for a packing party. This is a great way to stay productive and have some quality time with the people you are leaving behind. Order some pizza, pop open a bottle of bubbly, and make packing a team effort. It’ll feel less like a chore and more like a bonding experience.
  3. Embrace Simple Labeling: Listen… I know it’s all the rage right now to be super organized, color coded, and just plain on top of everything. But this is a fad. It is not the best way to move. And if you are simply trying to survive this chaotic experience, DO NOT overcomplicate putting items in boxes. It really can be as simple as starting in one room, packing as many items can fit into the box, and closing and labeling the box with the room it belongs to. The end. Knowing where every single item is is for the birds, and I promise you can make do without a ladle for a week.
  4. Capture Moving Memories: Document your moving week with photos or videos. Take goofy selfies amidst the chaos, capture the hilarity of maneuvering furniture through doorways, or make a time-lapse of the packing process. These memories will serve as a reminder of the adventure you embarked upon and will bring a smile to your face when you look back on them. It may also be helpful to create a vlog sharing your thoughts and feelings about the whole process- you don’t have to post it anywhere, just save it for later.
  5. Make Unpacking a Game: Unpacking doesn’t have to be a never-ending chore. Turn it into a game by challenging yourself to unpack and arrange each room within a specific time frame. Set personal records and reward yourself with small treats for achieving your goals. It’ll add a fun element of competition and motivation to the process. My husband and I made a bet. We moved in September and I said “I bet we won’t be completely unpacked by Halloween” He thought we would. We set real stakes and agrees what the reward would be for the winner. We promised not to skew the results, and work at a normal pace. Halloween came, and while all the important stuff was unpacked, there were 2 stray boxes with random items we hadn’t bothered to put up like curtain rods and floating shelves. I won.
  6. Explore Your New Neighborhood: Take breaks from the moving madness and venture out to explore your new neighborhood. Discover nearby parks, charming cafes, or hidden gems. Treat yourself to a coffee break or a leisurely stroll. It’ll provide a refreshing escape from the boxes and help you connect with your future surroundings.
  7. Treat Yourself: Moving week can be physically and emotionally draining, so be sure to prioritize self-care. Take breaks to indulge in your favorite activities, whether it’s reading a book, practicing yoga, or enjoying a bubble bath. Treat yourself to little rewards along the way, like a decadent dessert or a movie night. Embrace guilt free takeout… if there was ever a time to grab a quick dinner from all your fave restaurants… it’s now.

Moving week can be a blur. There’s so much to do and so many emotions to deal with. Incorporate as many of these tips as you can so moving week isn’t so unpleasant.

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A Girlfriend’s Guide to Moving Week: 7 Tips to Make Moving Less Awful

January 9, 2024

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