What is a Moving Essentials Box and why do you need it? This is an important group of items to have on hand all the way through your move. Right from the moment you find out you’re moving, set aside a box that you will collect important items in. There are two types of items that go in this box:

  1. Items that you will consistently need throughout your moving journey
  2. Important items that you want to keep with you and not lose in transport

Why do you need a Moving Essentials Box?

The months leading up to your move will involve dozens of tasks and to-dos. There will be things you need to buy, get rid of, organize, clean, and pack. Each day will hold new tasks and you’ll likely have to do more than one thing at a time. When you have a box full of everything you need for every single moving related task, it not only saves you time searching for and putting away essential items- it saves your sanity.

Another reason you need a Moving Essentials Box is because you will want to keep these handy items nearby throughout your move and into the unpacking phase in your next home. You just can’t think of and remember every single item you will need for every step of the process. But if you have it all tucked away in one spot with easy access- you’ll know where to go when you inevitably hit a moving hiccup.

How to use your Moving Essentials Box

Keep your Moving Essentials Box in a central location, but also out of the way of kids and pets. On top of a hutch or refrigerator could work.

This box will stay in your proximity for the whole move. It should be one of the last things out of the house, and riding in the vehicle you’re riding in. It should also be one of the first things out of the car or moving truck when you arrive at your new home.

The Moving Essentials Box is different from an Open First Box or moving essentials bag. The Moving Essentials Box will house every tool you need to successfully pack up a home, travel to your new destination, and unpack in your new home. You should also have an Open First Box or bag with items that you will strictly need in your next home. In other words, you’ll keep your Moving Essentials Box nearby during the packing and moving, and then have an Open First Box that is unpacked first in your new home. Read my article about packing an Open First Box here.

What to pack in your Moving Essentials Box:

  1. Inventory list of furniture and valuable items
  2. Packing tape
  3. Plastic wrap and bubble wrap
  4. Plastic baggies- for loose items like screws
  5. Scissors
  6. Sharpies
  7. Measuring tape
  8. Hammer and screwdriver
  9. Spackle, putty knife, and sanding block
  10. Important documents and items (passports, travel tickets, lease agreements, keys to new home, checkbook etc).
  11. Cleaning supplies
  12. Furniture felt pads- for moving furniture in upon arrival
  13. Pen and notepad
  14. Roll of toilet paper
  15. Box cutter
  16. Touch up paint and paintbrush
  17. Clorox wipes
  18. Moving checklist
  19. Hardwood floor stain pens
  20. Grocery bags- to group random items that should stay together

Every move and every mover is different. Feel free to add items that you think will be helpful to you during your move. If you’re having a more hands-off move, you likely won’t need as many packing supplies on hand.

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How to Pack a Moving Essentials Box for Moving Day

March 7, 2023

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